If These Walls Could Talk…

This is the house that Jill built—I never needed Jack.

I am a Fortress of missed opportunities that I can never get back.

Cycles of darkness have circled over my head like a black Halo;

With blind eyes, I can’t see which way to go.

I am the House on a hill—just out of arms reach.

Almost unnecessarily…because ain’t nobody checkin’ for me.

I am persistently misunderstood and underestimated—

Misjudged, brushed aside, and often hated.

People are afraid of what they don’t understand, so I am perceived as something other than me.

Everything I do, I do purposefully.

But if these Walls could talk, you would know that my foundation sits on a bed of marbles

And I lost mine a long time ago.

I have spent years piling brick after brick ever so carefully-

So that no one could get too close to me.

Because humans can’t be trusted and I’ve been hurt too many times

and have been told way too many lies.

Trust is Sacred to me and I can’t take another heartbreak…

I can’t risk another Earthquake

And I’m sick of feeling the Hurricane…

building in my chest because I opened a door for someone to walk through my threshold-

only to be left alone.


This is a Sanctuary of Peace within a Storm.

There will be no further disruptions.

No more volcanoes erupting, spilling hot tears on my parade.

There will be no Pain. No Hurt. No Lies.

I am the sole stakeholder in this Monopoly.

But if these Walls could talk you could see the love I have for the World.

The World that doesn’t love me.

But it’s my Humanity that helps me breathe.

My Compassion has helped me Persevere.

I can’t count how many times my House has burned down; but I’m still here.

This is a Temple of Integrity.

Honestly, loyalty, and honor are Important to me.

But what’s the point if no one else in this world can see?

I am the Brick and Mortar of all things traumatic.

But if these Walls could talk then the world would know that I’m just barely alive.

These Walls are all I have to keep me safe inside.

Tucked away from the light—

away from disappointment.

It’s easier this way but if I’m being honest then behind these Walls is an emptiness…

It’s just me here…

Many of the people I created doors for have done me wrong…

So every bit of pain is another brick, another wall.

But if these Walls could talk the maybe someone would be consistent enough

to earn my trust…

If these Walls could talk then maybe I wouldn’t have to hide this Hurt so much.

If these Walls could talk then maybe I wouldn’t need to act so tough.

If these Walls could talk then perhaps this Struggle wouldn’t have to be so touch.

I’m just searching for a Beacon worth opening a door for…

because Life is whooping my ass and I need someone in my Corner.