Big World, Bigger Problems

Beauty surrounds us,

Yet we only see negativity.

To prosper is to gain green at the cost and sacrifice of others.

The highest form of power can be pulled from the wallets of the 1%.

While the rest of the 99 struggle to even taste the crispness of a dollar bill.

We are slaves of the industry –

Working for the material things that master us –

But we crave the surplus to satisfy us.

We crave the blood of those who suffer for the “greater good.”

We thirst for the LIME,

But never get enough of the LIGHT.

Emptiness creates us.

We search the world in a daze looking for things to fill us up.

Sex, money, drugs, clothes, cars, POWER.

Our hunger is never fully satiated

Because our taste buds are greedy for another taste –

Another bite, another helping.

MORE, we say.

I WANT more.

I NEED this, I NEED that.

The world is a selfish place.

We go about our business searching for things to quench individual thirsts;

Never willing to give up something small for the greater good of humanity.


But SO AM I.


But WE are KILLING each other.

We have committed the sickest offenses just by omission of thought.

Put it out of sight and out of mind so it doesn’t exist?

What kind of philosophy is this?