The War on Black History

Times are hard right now. Donald Trump is President. He is inexperienced in politics, yet he is fluent in bigotry and ignorance . His chosen Cabinet members are no different. We are at war. Again. And I don’t mean the overseas, bombs, and tanks kind of war. No. This war is taking place right here in what is supposed to be the greatest country in the world. These United States of America. This war is taking place in our streets, in our schools, in our businesses, and our places of employment. This war is inescapable. It is on every news station, in every magazine, reposted and re-shared over and over again on blogs and social media.

Trump would have us believing that the refugees and displaced people he is attempting to restrict from entering the U.S. are terrorists. Yet, the real terrorists wear badges and sit on congressional committees. The real terrorists have money and power–a dangerous potion of influence and media domination. In my opinion, the greatest threat to America right now, is Donald Trump and all his minions. “Make America Great Again.” When did it stop being great?

I’ll say it again, when did America stop being great? Or really, when was it ever great? What makes America so great? This is a nation bred on stolen land and free labor. This is the very nation that the Founding Fathers stole from black, brown, and native people to build upon–to flourish and prosper with the price of my ancestors blood, sweat, and tears. This is the same nation that does not even belong to whites–but has been dominated and built to benefit whites–that is denying people who might look like me entry into the U.S.

But I digress, that’s another story for another post. We are at war. I am no vigilante, but I am an activist. I am a black woman in America. And this war directly affects every part of my ancestry, my DNA. Every time I turn on the news or see anything Trump has said, I am internally cringing. My people–all brown people, really–are in danger. We are being hunted like Trayvon Martin. and captured like Sandra Bland. Can you believe that it’s been over 4 years since the Black Lives Matter movement erupted? This is my generation’s Civil Rights Movement. This is our time to build on what our Grandparents marched for with Dr. King and countless others.

But we have to be smarter, faster, stronger. We are 8 days into Black History Month and I haven’t heard a single white person make any mention of it. Not at work, not at the library, not in the streets. Why? Well, this isn’t new. Everything I have ever learned about black history, I had to research it for myself. America was never meant for us to flourish in. The “Justice System” never took into account black or brown people. America was never meant for us to grow and become some of the most influential men and women in history. That’s why so many of our people are locked up in the prison system, uneducated, and displaced. It is how America has trained us to be. Now is not the time for silence. We can’t be afraid to speak our mind, say what is or is not right.

We can no longer be pacified by people telling us that “it’s not as bad as it seems.” Would you tell a sexual assault victim that? Would you tell a war veteran that? Because that is what we are. This is real life for us. It seems so ridiculous that in 2017 I still have to walk out my front door and be so concerned with being assaulted because I am black or because I am a woman. And if something were to happen and I took matters into my hands and the Police get involved, I would be the one in cuffs. Because I “should have sought help.” In a country where the “help” does not apply to me.

This is the kind of war that came to rise when Hitler attempted to eradicate Jews. This is no different. Yet, America was quick to the rescue then. What about now? Because this war takes place on our soil, in our neighborhoods, in our schools, in our hospitals. Who is coming to OUR rescue?

I’m terrified for the kids I haven’t conceived or given birth to yet. I’m afraid for the family I haven’t been blessed with yet. But I’m gonna keep fighting.