The Incredible, Forgettable

You ever just get so overwhelmed with things in life and just think to yourself, “what’s the point?” Or maybe you’ve given up your dreams because your current situation doesn’t necessarily allow you to fulfill them. Maybe you’re someone who starts projects and never finishes them. Or maybe you’re like me and you have all of these major ideas swimming around in your head and there is so much to sort through it’s just hard to get your thoughts on paper. Or maybe you feel like because you don’t have a big enough following on social media that you won’t get enough exposure for people to buy into your Brand and what you represent.

And if you’re anything like me, you aren’t willing to pose half naked for an iPhone photoshoot for likes. Maybe you’re good at makeup but you don’t have the time to devote to it full time. Maybe you have a lot to say but no one wants to listen because you don’t present a certain way.

Maybe you just want to be able to spread good vibes and inspiration in multiple formats. In theory, Social Media should be your playground but you’re too scared to take a risk and move out of your comfort zone. Who would want to follow you? What is your message? What are you trying to bring awareness to? How are you any different from any other page?

Life has shown me that I’m the person that people remember for negative reasons or they just don’t remember me at all. Despite the fact that I have made conscious efforts to change who I am perceived to be. To outsiders, I appear to be your average woman. But deep in my heart and soul, I know that I am not average. Why? Have you read anything I’ve written? I have a story to tell. I am a product of strength, wisdom, and melanin. I want people to see what life has done for me. I’m not where I want to be, but I am damn sure glad that I’m not where I used to be.

I want to share my passion–I want to touch people’s’ lives. But how do I do that with stage fright? How do I do that when I am the Incredible, Forgettable?

I don’t have these answers. But I will. All in good time.