Energy Is Everything


Guard your Energy. Protect your Peace.

It seems that for the most part, the weather here in New England has finally broken. Aside from a few rain showers and a little wind, the Sun is blessing us with its presence. It also means that I’m feeling more inspired now that the days are longer and the weather is getting warmer. I have more energy these days and I’m smiling more.

In January, I decided that I would live my best life in 2018–whatever that might look like. I made a conscious choice to be positive. And for me…positivity is something I have struggled with for most of my life. It’s difficult to be positive when it seems like life has its heel at your neck. I also made the choice to encourage someone else in my life each day to live their best life. This involved copious amounts of craft supplies from Michael’s and bullet journals from Barnes & Noble. 2017 was the year of re-building, or the Re-Birth; but 2018 is the year of reconnection–the year of Flight.

I find myself reaching out to family and friends consistently  to reconnect, rebuild, and restore our relationships. I want to be the best version of myself. But that also means that I want the people around me to be the best version of themselves. Life has taught me that the people you surround yourself with are a reflection of you and your vision. Surround yourself with like-minded people who possess focus and drive–they will help build you up instead of holding you back. It’s all about the Energy you surround yourself with.

Energy is everything. In my past, I harbored a lot of negative energy in my heart and in my soul because that is all I knew in life. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t until these last few months that I realized that I had been holding myself back this whole time. All it takes is a positive affirmation and a change of perspective and the Energy shifts immediately. Good vibes attract more good vibes. And these days…if it’s not a good vibe, then I don’t want it.

You may have heard the saying “Guard your Energy. Protect your Peace.” This has been my mantra. There are few things in life that we actually have control over and the one thing that we absolutely have power over is how we use our Energy. And how we choose to use that Energy defines us. My goal is to empower everyone around me to be their best self. I refuse to allow someone to come into my space and offset my energy. Because that gives them the power to disrupt my inner peace…and I just can’t have that. My time and Energy are far too precious to waste on trivial things.

Time and Energy are two of the most valuable elements in my life. And I am not willing to sacrifice my sense of self and stability for someone else’s benefit. I simply will not do it. I am a Woman with a lifetime’s worth of bricks laid out around me to protect me from others. But every now and then, I open a door for someone to enter into my space on good faith. The old me would do anything possible to keep people from getting to know me. But now, I want people to feel me. I want them to see inside my soul. I want to share my Energy with people who will be affected in a positive way.

Being the true introvert that I am, it has always been hard for me to connect with others on any level. I have never been able to be my most authentic self. Until now. And I am finding it easier everyday to be candid with a chosen few and expose the deepest parts of my soul. I don’t know if my walls will ever fall completely, but I am enjoying the fact that I can share parts of myself with others and it be reflected in their smile.

You gotta be the change, to see the change.