The Scarlet Seven: Letters from the Ashes Vol. 6

Dear Fenix,

Look at you. Look how far you have come. Don’t give up now, you have so much more to give. So much more to become. You are stronger than your fears.  Find your balance. Find your Light within the Darkness. Do not allow the Darkness to consume you. You aren’t meant to stay there. Let your Spark continue to grow. Remember that you, Fenix, are on Fire. This pain that you feel–this rage that burns deep within you–it can only make you stronger. Let it make you better. Let it make you human. But do not let it make you bitter. 

Some might call you Broken. But they do not know you. They don’t know where it is that you’ve been, what you’ve felt, or how you even made it here. Do not allow them that power. They don’t get to decide who you are; you do. And only you. Let them form whatever opinion they want about you. You are not their judgments. Stand your ground–you are not a doormat. You are Fierce Warrior Woman. This isn’t your first battle and it will not be your last. Find the beauty in your struggle and rewrite your narrative. Stop saying “the struggle is real.” It doesn’t have to be. Start claiming that “the struggle will make me better.” Because it will. And it has. Don’t you see that? Who would you be if not for all of your strengths and your weaknesses? There is a beautiful balance in the imperfect. There is great power in duality and the ability to find peace in both the lightest and darkest parts of your soul. Find your Peace and stay there. Stop allowing other peoples’ issues and their opinions dominate your mind-space. Don’t let anyone rent space in your head for free. Energy is currency; spend yours wisely. 

Fenix, it is perfectly okay to say no to people. It is healthy to set boundaries. For too long, you have done what people have wanted you to do. For too long, you have allowed them to take advantage of you. It stops now. Say no. I dare you. I promise that you will feel peace within that “no.” You have been giving to others what you should have been giving to yourself all this time: time, energy, a listening ear, forgiveness. You deserve these things. Above else. YOU DESERVE PEACE. YOU DESERVE TIME FOR YOURSELF. YOU DESERVE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS. Life has taught you that you cannot find these things in someone else, you can only find them within. So find them. Create your own time. Don’t isolate yourself but do find peace in solitude. Light your candles, cleanse your crystals, write in your journal.  Recharge the way you know works for you. Stop putting other people first. You are your first priority. “How you gon’ win when you ain’t right within?”

If no one has told you lately, you’re doing a great job. You have somehow managed to beat any odd that has ever been stacked against you. You have been affected by nearly every form of oppression and trauma but still you rise. Don’t you remember why started calling yourself Fenix? All you have ever known is rising in some of the most difficult times. Each and every time you emerge from the Ashes a different version of yourself. Stronger, better, brighter, wiser. Don’t be a prisoner of your past. It was meant to teach you a lesson; it’s not a life sentence. 

All that pain and hurt you hold from the past–or maybe even from some of your present–let it burn. Learn to tune into the Fire burning inside you. Let it be the Force that pushes forward. Healing is a magikal journey that requires the best and worst parts of yourself to come together. Turn up the heat. Don’t let the Fire consume you. Learn to become the Fire. You are in control of your own destiny. You are magick in its purest form; you just need to learn how to tap into it. You are a Fenix. You are more powerful  than your weakest moments.