The Scarlet Seven: Letters from the Ashes Vol. 7

Dear Fenix Queen,

How does it feel to be living the life you’ve always wanted to live? Free from anxiety because you no longer allow your emotions and thoughts to get the best of you. Free from the stress of being attached to others’ judgements, thoughts, and feelings. Who cares what they think, right? Quite frankly, Sis–fuck ‘em. You are so in tune with who you are that you no longer seek validation from others. Your spiritual, financial, and emotional success speak for themselves. You have finally come to terms with who you were and who you are. You aren’t two different women–you are a beautiful collection of flowers plucked from different gardens. You are the bouquet, honey. You have blossomed into the woman your Grandmother knew you would become. She is proud. Your Mother is proud. Granddad is proud. Your partner is proud. Your children are proud. But most of all, you are proud of yourself and all your accomplishments. You are finally seeing yourself for your value and not for the value that other people or things place upon you. Validation from others is not necessary for your Flight.

The world is yours. You took your healing journey so serious that you not only healed yourself, but you now seek to heal others. In every aspect of your life. You vibrate higher these days. Your energy is so magnetic that you can manifest anything you want. You are no longer your own worst enemy—you are your best encourager. You somehow managed to process through all that hurt and rage. You didn’t let the Fire consume you. You let the past burn and you emerged from the Ashes, reborn. 

           You are a Goddess. You are magick. You are the Phoenix perched in the Willow Tree, rising with the Sun each morning. You rise. You stand tall, with your head held high–there are no regrets here. Only Peace. Your emotional understanding of yourself and others has allowed you to find strength when the rage starts to bubble. But you don’t even let it simmer long enough to bubble over because nothing that disturbs your Peace deserves your Energy. You are a Light. And you are constantly searching for ways to spread Love and Light in your family and in your community. 

If you look behind you, you will see just how far you have come. But don’t dwell there, sis. Your future is a glorious place. Spread your wings, Fenix Queen. You deserve to fly.